Event Destination

The House of Maharlika is envisioned to be a sought-after venue that suits all manner of events such as weddings, corporate functions, concerts, and other social gatherings. Its settings and surrounding areas provide an incredible canvas on which to design your event.

We have a number of distinct sections to host a wide range of needs. From gatherings in the Hacienda Gloriosa and Mariposa Garden or beneath the Mango Tree, to larger scale events which can be held al fresco in open fields underneath the natural beauty of the heavens. There is also the option of arranging for a tent to provide some relief from nature’s elements. 


We can also be your home away from home. We have a wide range of accommodations to align with your particular desires. Upon checking in, you will be chauffeured in an open-air vehicle to your selected abode, lapped by fruit and vegetable fields and backed by rows upon rows of flora and fauna.

Our accommodation will serve as sanctuaries informed by the Philippines’ ancient past and vibrant present. You may dive right into your pastime of choice, or ease into your stay with a hilot (traditional massage).

* Currently in development


To quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger, a fleet of staff bearing cool towels and fresh welcome drinks will usher you to a lavish dining area. Sumptuous farm-to-table refreshments will be served: delicious, healthy, and sustainable fine dining options crafted by resident dieticians especially selected for the task.

Soon, our deli shop will feature farm fresh produce, essential oils, wild honey, marmalade, and nuts. There will also be a bakery offering pastries, cheese, milk, and yoghurt. In a matter of time, all these will be complemented by wellness elixirs – invigorating shakes, medicinal tea, wine, and herbal concoctions. 

While you wait for our deli shop to open its doors, you may in the meantime experience a festival of flavors with a selection of our HoM-made delicacies. From our farm to your table, we now offer Heat-to-Eat meals, Special Biko, and Dynamite Lumpia. Have these delivered to your homes through this link.


The House of Maharlika is set to offer days that begin just after sunrise with handpicking the best of fruits, spices, and herbs under clear blue skies and refreshingly cool air.

Its lush greenery, expansive fields, and other elements of a fertile earth are cultivated by local farmers who have embraced innovation in their ways while lovingly preserving culture and heritage.

Soon, we will present special opportunities for you to be one with nature, to try your hand at some basic agricultural and horticultural activities under the careful guidance of our local experts. You are also free to roam the land as an adventurer to relax and find solitude.

an experience to remember

Time will melt away as you get lost in the moment, as the sun rises and descends from the sky. Days and nights are made for your leisure at whatever pace truly offers you peace. Whether out in the fields or in the privacy of your casita, the House of Maharlika tailors the experience to become a delight for guests to remember as the years go by.

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